About Me


Hello, I’m Ronan McKenna. I live in Lackanash with my wife Aileen and our two children, Harry and Kayla. I’m a candidate for the local elections in the Trim- South Meath area in May.

I’m looking for your support to become your representative on Meath County Council. If you are like me, you’re fed up with the situation in which Irish people have found themselves since 2008. I’m involved in politics because, as a young father with two children under three, I want my kids to have a safe and comfortable future.I don’t want them to face what we have over the past 6 years.

I believe the best way to avoid that is to rebuild our communities at local level. That is why I am contesting this election.

Your vote is very important to me, so in return for it, I promise, if elected as your councillor, to give you 100% effort and integrity.